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A Smattering of Pillows

The living room of our prospective townhouse is huge. We’ll have enough room for the gigantic gray sectional that I’ve always wanted.

I’m thinking the KARLSTAD corner sofa from Ikea with the add-on chaise lounge will be big enough for us. We’re also thinking about a couple of the KARLSTAD chairs & a footstool.

I want a smattering of pillows across the couch that we can switch out easily to change the feel of the room. Like these aubergine pillows from Z Gallerie (that totally match the blog colors right now):

And these silver pillows would look really posh sprinkled in, especially around New Year’s:

We can’t wait settle into a bigger home. Our home.



In honor of Irene, the pyschobitch ex-girlfriend of the East coast who’s about to reach back like a pimp & slap-a-ho, I thought I’d post about hurricanes. Glass hurricanes. Particularly, how lazy/cheap people like me can decorate the shit out of a table, mantle, or counter top using a glass hurricane.

Glass hurricanes filled with split peas! Super cheap.

Glass hurricanes filled with candy corn. Very festive & cheap.

Wine corks! Brilliant. I could amass that many in like… a weekend. On it!

Autumn is coming! Gather artifacts of the changing season, shove them in there with a candle. WUH-LA

This is very fancy. I imagine fancy people doing fancy things with these all around.
But it’s also cheap & easy, so go steal a few sprigs from your neighbor’s tree & start feeling fancy. I’ll wait.

Andrés is going to be gone much of tomorrow for the Jets preseason game, so I’m going to brave the wind & rain to pick up some glass hurricanes, candles & fillers.

PS: Michael’s, Target, Walmart all have similar hurricanes. I’m going to Michael’s.