Burnt Orange


I love the contrast of burnt orange with dark, smoky gray, light gray, & crisp white… as if you couldn’t tell from the colors of the blog…

I’d love to design a living room around those colors. The walls would be light gray with crisp white molding, the couch would be dark smoky gray, the pillows would add a punch of burnt orange. Like this:

I love the minimalist art above the couch in that photo, & I think Andres & I could recreate that on a large canvas, too.

Because of the loving & committed relationship I have with our DVR, I want to buy a fabulous couch.

That one seems wide enough & looks super comfy, but my heart is set on owning a huge sectional that has room for both of us to sprawl out, & enough room to seat my gaggle of sisters, & room to seat a few friends over for a movie night. Not all of those at the same time, but I want an accommodating couch. Basically, I want this monster couch, except in dark gray:


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