The Beginning

Last weekend Andrés & I were watching a show about buying homes on HGTV, & we started talking about The Plan.

Last June, when I accepted a full-time salaried position, we hashed out The Plan: moving in together in the summer or early fall of 2011 to a rented apartment in southeast DC, closer to where we work. But as we talked more & more about the specifics, it just didn’t seem the like right decision for us for a few big reasons:

1. Andrés owns a one bedroom, one bathroom condo right now that he would need to sell, but the condos in his community have lost a lot of their value since the housing market crash. Him breaking even on the condo sale would be a good thing if you consider he could end up selling & still owing thousands of dollars. Hopefully if we stay put the home will gain back some of its value in the coming years.

2. We both see renting as throwing our money away. He would much rather own than rent, & I hate the idea that after throwing a good chunk of my paycheck at the rent, there is no possibility of a return on the investment.

3. I have been into interior decorating & DIY projects for the last seven months. Reading blogs like Young House Love & Design*Sponge (& a half dozen others) make me weak in the knees. I have huge folders on my MacBook of inspiration photos broken down by room that I would just love to bring to life. Renting a place would be extremely limiting as far as decorating the space to make it our own. When I think about that, combined with throwing away money at rent each month, I know renting would be really frustrating for us.

So, we’ve pretty much decided to stay-put in his charming condo, further out from the City, but a better decision for our future.

So we’ve started planning the process of transforming his JETS-themed condo to a first home for a young couple.

I’m so excited I could pee.


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