First Steps

The first steps in The Great Condo Renovation are cleaning, organizing, donating, & trashing a ton of stuff.

Since the new year, I’ve spending time on Saturdays cleaning out my things in my parents’ house. I’ve filled three 39 gallon trash bags & three medium sized brown boxes with items to donate, & I’ve filled the large curb trash can. It’s amazing how much crap I’ve accumulated in just 22 years. By amazing I mean disturbing. I’m about halfway done.

Now we have to get started on the same process but for Andrés’ condo. We can’t start anything until we pare down & figure out exactly what we have to work with. It’s a huge incentive to get started.

I’m not sure at exactly at what point we will fully combine our possessions, but I’m guessing it’ll be after the bedroom is painted and we’ve purchased a few new pieces of furniture for my things, and we’re ready to move on to the rest of the house.

It’s going to be an adventure: painting every wall, ceiling, door, & strip of moulding; purchasing (or making) & hanging curtains; ripping out hideous built-in shelving & building new shelving; [possibly] removing a wall & creating a make-shift mud room; creating an organization solution for the walk-in closet; &, of course, decorating. Aah, we can’t wait!


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