Slate + Calcium Sulfate

I love how chalkboard walls look in homes, especially in kitchens or dining areas.

You can write notes, to-do lists, grocery lists, sketch out building plans. Or just draw inappropriate things (which is likely what we’ll do).

Andrés has a wall near his breakfast bar (similar to the picture directly above) that would be awesome to cover in chalkboard paint. Right now it has a NYC skyline Andrés hand painted a few years ago. He might paint the skyline on another wall, or maybe paint a chalkboard wall somewhere else, or maybe re-do the skyline out of chalkboard paint.

I’d love to do a whole wall, like this one in a dining room. Maybe we could do one of the bedroom walls, like the one opposite the window? I love how Kathleen of painted a wall in her office with chalkboard paint. It’s regularly peeking out of her “Anatomy of an Outfit” series with a to do list.


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