Andrés won’t let us move to the ghetto.

Andrés made a huge mistake in showing me HUGE.

Before even telling me what website he was looking at homes on, he make me promise not to email him links. I promised. Then I broke that promise because I found this UH.MAZE.ING condo. (Don’t worry, I did NOT break an an Eternally Binding Pinky Swear.)

It’s in the city, close to where he works, close to where I work. It’s a skip & a hop from the metro.

The updated kitchen has stainless steel appliances, large granite counter tops, & TONS of natural light.

The bathroom has ceramic tiles, a window (which I think is awesome), cabinet storage, & shelving. OH, & DID I MENTION JETS IN THE BATH TUB?

The condo has two bedrooms, new hardwood flooring, crown molding, recessed lighting, & a washer & dryer in unit.

It’s in a gated community.

Also? It’s less than $100,000.

I love this condo. I love it so much I want to marry it.

But Andrés has vetoed it.

Why? Why did my handsome, adoring boyfriend veto my dream condo?

Because it’s in a rough area of Southeast DC. During the last thirty days, within 1,000 feet of this condo, there has been one reported homicide, one reported sexual abuse, one assult with a deadly weapon, two buglary charges, & one theft.

Andrés says I’ll stand out, & not in a good way – more of a fresh meat kind of way. He grew up in Queens, NYC & in Charlestown, Boston (the area the movie The Town is based on). I guess that means he knows things about ghetto neighborhoods.

I hate the idea that one is “too good” for something, & I don’t think I’m too good for this neighborhood. If everyone had attitudes like that, the neighborhood would never improve, & that breaks my heart. But Andrés made the very convincing point that he won’t be around all the time to walk me home from the metro when it gets dark at like 5:30 & I’m too scared.

I guess this is not the perfect condo for us.


4 thoughts on “Andrés won’t let us move to the ghetto.

  1. Weesha

    i agree with andres… it’s not your job to be the bait of a good neighbourhood. a change comes from people coming in and changing minds, right? I don’t know much about these things. I want you to live in a beautiful place where you’ll be around for a very long time!!! :D xxx


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