Catoctin Creek

Andrés & I visited the Catocin Creek Distillery in Purceville, Virginia this morning for their bottling day. We learned how to bottle, cap, seal, & label whisky.

We each took a take a turn on the whisky cow, filling the bottles, which were then corked & sealed.

We then pressed the labels on to the front & back of the bottles. All the volunteers could sign the labels, giving each bottle a personal touch.

We then toured the distillery & saw the fermenting rye.

This is me, modeling the finished product.

& Andrés doing a far better job. Also, he wants me to note that his jacket was not purple, it was in fact light gray – the Retro Camera app on my phone altered it. I think he looks pretty in purple.


4 thoughts on “Catoctin Creek

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      i would totally be up for a return visit. scott & becky were so nice! their bottling days fill up quick, but they hold two a month for about fifteen people each.

      i actually found out about this place because of you! i’d been following them on twitter for some time, & trying to coordinate our schedules so andres & i could attend a bottling day.


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