Photo Projects

Over the past few months, I came across some awesome photo projects.

This project, by overdue underdone on flickr, is described as “a few shots from an on going project about temporary aspirations, memory, and skin poisoning.” Having a notepad tattoo is pretty cool, but documenting your lists & scribbles makes it even cooler.

This  project is called Triptychs of Strangers by theblackstar on flickr. He photographs a stranger’s top, middle, & bottom then creates a triptych. The image he did of the couple is my favorite. I absolutely love this idea.

This project is called Persona by Jason Travis on flickr. He photographs a person & what they carry with them. I love digging through people’s bags (with permission) to see what they carry. It says so much about someone. I love that Lamar is carrying a mini nail clipper, lip balm, & a fucking Taurus. Jason has turned this project into a book called Personified.

This project is called Back to the Future by Irina Werning. She recreates old photos beautifully with great attention to detail.


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