So, this happened…

Someone searched the term “butt plug at work” & our little blog showed up.

I don’t think I’ve had a more proud moment on the internet. Well, except that one time when I posted my colonoscopy pictures to a TMI LiveJournal community back in 2007 & I got dozens compliments on my colon and the distal part of my small bowel.

The search engine referral happened because of the post (titled “Not” a Butt Plug, coincidentally) about the Knobble massager Andrés added to his wishlist.

Fun fact: Andrés’ mom is in town visiting from Colombia. She’s staying with him while she takes care of some business, and during the day she hangs out at the condo while we’re at work. When she discovered the massager, she thought it was a sex toy, & refused to touch it, or even look at it. We showed her what it was last night, & I was all, don’t worry I totally thought it was a butt plug, too.

Also, I tried to work “butt plug” into this post as many times as possible to maximize the SEO.


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