Dos Años

Andrés & I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday. We exchanged gifts after work, then went out to dinner at the Oak Bar. It was a wonderful night. The “theme” of our gifts this year was “things for the house.”

These were Andrés’ gifts to me (& us):

Two Winsom Wood Night Stands in black for the bedroom. He assembled one of them as a surprise while I was out to dinner with a friend a couple weeks ago. He also moved the computer, desk, & office chair out of the bedroom, so I have a real nightstand on my side of the bed. When we move out the old dresser on his side, he’ll assemble the other one.

He also got me the OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set that has just about every tool we didn’t already own. I’m most excited about the ice cream scooper, the manual can opener, the pizza cutter, & the masher thing for making guacamole.

He also got me a rolling pin! No more Japanese spear weapon baking.

He set those gifts out early, but he saved one for yesterday. What’s really awesome about this gift is, it’s something that I’ve wanted, but I could never justify spending that much money on it. I love that it’s luxurious, & completely unexpected.

He got me the DiorShow black Mascara! I used it this morning, & it smells so good. My lashes look fabulous.

My gifts to him shocked him, too.

He had two items on his wishlist that he marked as “low priority” & wrote in the comments that they were just for him to dream about & not for anyone to get him. So, I figured they would make excellent gifts.

I gave him a card that sang “Unchained Melody” to open first.

I wrote sweet stuff, then I wrote, “I want to make your dreams come true. It’s my top priority.” He kind of laughed because it’s a weird thing to write in a card. I danced him around the living room to the music from the card.

Then I gave him his first gift to open, the Logitech Harmony Adapter for the PS3.

I had joked with him a few weeks back when I saw he added the two items, that someone might purchase just the adapter & not the more expensive main piece that makes it of any use. When he opened just the adapter, he laughed & said, “Aww, babe, you made the mistake anyways?” Then I pointed at the other, bigger box that came in & told him he had to wait 10 days until his birthday to open it. Then it clicked what else I got him.

The Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen. Behold:

Although I wanted to make him wait 10 days to open it, I couldn’t wait myself. I let him open it early. It was worth it. He looked like a little kid with a brand new toy – all wide eyed & completely drawn into it. He set it up last night after dinner. It controls both TVs, the PS3 & whole bunch of other stuff that we don’t even have yet. It even makes boyfriends drool.

I love you, bubba. Here’s to a whole bunch more years together.


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