I will not donate blood or money to the American Red Cross.

I donate blood frequently. It’s easy for me (when my iron is high enough), I don’t mind the needles, & I think watching my warm blood pump into a bag is pretty neat. I have type O negative blood & I am also CMV negative. This means my blood can go to pretty much anybody because O negative is the universal donor, & not having the common & widespread Cytomegalovirus, means my blood is more pure. So basically I have Superior Blood™.

I’ve had several negative experiences with the Red Cross over the multiple times I’ve donated:

  • 45+ minute wait times before the interview despite making an appointment in advance;
  • direct rudeness & unprofessionalism from several employees;
  • employees complaining about donors within earshot;
  • bruises the size of mangoes from them stabbing at my veins like a blindfolded four year old
  • neglect to the point that my blood was pooling on the floor under my chair

When I tried to call to make appointments, they couldn’t understand where my cellphone area code was, so I was advised by the robot voice to hang up & call from a land line. I had to drive home & call from my parent’s land line. It’s 2011.

Then the stalker calls started. The Red Cross called me from an unknown number 15 times in the span of a couple weeks. FIFTEEN TIMES. I answered sometimes, I ignored the calls most of the time. Sometimes the calls came multiple times a day.  When I answered, it was an automated system telling me to hold for the next available representative. What? THEY called ME. Why the hell am I on hold?

The tipping point for me to stop donating with the Red Cross was when I learned they sell blood to Children’s National. They sell donated blood to the children’s hospital. I now donate blood directly to Children’s National, whose employees are polite & competent. There’s absolutely no wait time for those with appointments; I can get in & out in the time I spend waiting to be seen with the Red Cross. I called the Red Cross & told them something about exchanging needles in Africa to get them to stop harassing me like leeches. After that all of the unknown number calls stopped.


7 thoughts on “Leeches

  1. amrecro

    Hi, my name is Gloria and I work at the American Red Cross national headquarters. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences with donating blood at one of our centers. I’d like to pass your feedback along – if you are okay with emailing me some more details I can make sure it goes to someone who works with blood donations in your region. You can email me at HuangG (at) usa.redcross.org. Thanks!

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      i appreciate you listening.

      all of the experiences occurred at the donation center on prosperity avenue in fairfax, virginia around 2009-2010. i’ve been donating with children’s since june 2010.

      my area code that is not recognized by the automated service is 571. it’s widely used in northern virginia.

  2. Love!muffin

    I love that!! Exchanging needles in Africa is a good one. :) Thanks for posting this! It’s so important that people voice concerns. :)

    1. Mrs!Queues

      Oh no!! That’s terrible!! Our Mom can’t because she received a blood transfusion in the 80s with B’s birth – that was before all the checks to the blood! She could have contracted all sorts of stuff. My Dad can’t because he had Jaundice when he was little. Silly.

    2. Andrés & Candice Post author

      i think their regulations are completely outdated. they have to screen all the blood anyways, so if you donate successfully once, you should be cleared until you encounter another thing on the list, like you got a tattoo, or you went to africa last week.

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