Strawberry Mint Spritzers

This recipe is based on a healthy cocktail recipe by Linda Wagner, a nutrition and lifestyle coach who utilizes a holistic methodology. You can substitute mineral water for the champagne & Sake if you prefer a non-alcoholic version. I recommend letting it sit for a few hours (without the ice) to let the flavors really come out.


  • 1 bottle Sake
  • 1 bottle champagne
  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 6 Meyer lemons
  • 4-5 springs of mint
  • vanilla Stevia OR
  • 3 tablespoons Splenda &
  • vanilla extract

Slice your strawberries into slivers, then add to a large pitcher with the mint leaves. Squeeze the juice of 6 meyer lemons & gently muddle the ingredients using a wooden spoon or muddler. (You don’t need to shred the ingredients, just bruising them will release the flavor.) Add equal parts sake & champagne, & lots of ice. Add three tablespoons of Splenda & a dash of vanilla extract to the pitcher, or squeeze a dropper full of vanilla stevia into each glass before serving. This fruity cocktail is perfect for entertaining during the summer.

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