Ink & Lace

I always thought I would staunchly wait on getting any major tattoos on my back, chest, or arms because I didn’t want them peaking out of my dress on my wedding day, or in any other formal setting.

Lately, though, I’ve come across a lot of beautiful tattooed brides. Some have small sweet pieces, like the two above.

Some are heavily inked (as are their husbands, which is so sexy). I’m sort of falling in love with tattoos peaking out from the dress. The combination of tattoos & a soft white lacy dress is really appealing to me – maybe it’s because I’m into the juxtaposition of opposites lately?

Either way, I’m not going to run out & get inked just yet because I need to put more thought into the design & placement of the many, many ideas floating around my head.

All of these images were found on Tumblr.


3 thoughts on “Ink & Lace

  1. mrs!queues

    I do love lacey tattoos and how they look. I would also LOVE somthing bigger perhaps over the shoulder but like you I’d have to think SOOO carefully. :D x

  2. Candy

    IDK, I don’t really view them as opposites… I don’t think that tattoos are hard. That is kind of a negative connotation of them. Tattoos become a part of the wearer, unlike a dress, which is just a dress. It isn’t just an element, it is the person’s body.

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      i don’t see tattoos as “hard” either, & i do consider them part of the person’s body.

      i guess that’s what this post was about… not waiting for them because my family/friends would be weirded out to see my tattoos in a formal setting, because the tattoos would be a part of me.

      i don’t see “hard” as a negative connotation of them because if the wearer wanted them in order to seem hard or make a certain statement, then that would be positive for them. i wouldn’t get tattoos to seem hard, but big visible tattoos would definitely change what a lot of people see me as right now (positive or negative). all my tattoos/piercings are completely hidden most of the time, so it would be an opposite of me, i guess.


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