When I posted the other day about finding beauty in tattooed brides, I phrased it as the “juxtaposition of opposites”. Candy called me on that saying that was a negative connotation, which made me think (in a good way!). I guess what I meant is, lately I’m more aware of myself finding beauty in things that a lot of society does not appreciate. Heavily tattooed brides (or just tattooed women) often get labeled as trashy or rough, but those brides were simply gorgeous — not in spite of their tattoos, but because of their tattoos. Because they were confident & not trying to hide those parts of themselves. I admire that.

Body modifications don’t change one’s character. When my mother found out about my septum piercing, she said “I didn’t think you were that kind of person” which … stung. I told her I was the same person, I was still her daughter, & that the piercing was over a year old (I keep it flipped up most of the time). We haven’t talked about it since, & that was a couple years ago.  A lot of people without modifications judge those with to be so different from themselves; like the modded are all heathen criminals & the two groups couldn’t possibly have anything in common.

So when I came across a lot of photos of heavily tattooed parents & families, I thought I’d share them here. This is family.


3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Mrs!queues

    I wouldn’t have said what you said was negative at all. A white wedding dress and all that it represents symbolically and classically does not automatically cast a negative on all which could be considered it’s ‘opposite’. Furthermore the opposite of a dress you wear literally one day of your life is in fact the permanence of tattoos. I don’t see the latter as a negative at all. Old and young are opposites and yet there are cultures which don’t cast negative outlooks on either! They are opposites. Simple as.

  2. Christina Rodriguez

    Meh, tattoos are a mixed bag for me. One the one hand, I love the artistry, cultural significance, and symbolism. On the other, I look around and notice the many regrettable tattoos on some really unattractive people applied by unethical tattoo “artists” and I get a little grossed out.


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