Sisters, Sisters

My three beautiful sisters & I were in the same country, & the same state, & the same city for the most of the month of July. This was a tremendous blessing.

This happens only about once a year, so it’s a very special time for my family.

If you look closely, you can see our matching love knot rings.

While my oldest sister was visiting from the UK, & my youngest was home from field training & on break from college, & my older sister & I cleared our schedules, we decided to get matching “sisters” tattoos.

top: oldest & older
bottom: me & younger

It says “сестры” which means “sisters” in Russian. In cursive cyrillic, the “t” looks like an “m”. My three sisters & I are completely different people, so it was amazing that when I was inspired by these sister’s tattoos, & I pitched the idea for ours, they all agreed. To honor our individuality, we went with different designs & locations.

My sisters added five birds to represent each of the children in our family, including our sister Rachel, who was stillborn at 9 months in October of 1982.  My birds will be added coming up from the first “c” up towards my left shoulder in a few weeks, & I’ll have my serif letters touched up a bit once I see how they heal.


7 thoughts on “Sisters, Sisters

  1. Laryssa

    Hi! Awesome tattoos! I am looking to get a tattoo in the Cyrillic alphabet as well (cursive Ukrainian) that says “Z bohom” which means “With God”.
    I was wondering how exactly you came up with the style of calligraphy for your tattoos as I have been researching on the internet but haven’t come across anything good yet.

  2. mrs!queues

    Thank you so much!! The circular one was inspired by a very classic ‘teachery’ cursive that was found through a basic image search for Cyrillic handwriting and the other two were from! A great website for a wide variety handwriting fonts! :) All the best with your searches!!

  3. mrs!queues

    ….. there were never such devoted sisters!!

    Lol this is an awesome post!! Great times indeed! Roll on Christmas! Love you!!

  4. Lou

    WOW! I love your ‘sister’ tattoos and how they are all different to suit the style and personality of the individual. If only i had a sister just to get the tattoo lol

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      it is the same word. in cursive, “сестры” looks more like “сесmры”. it starts at around the 2 o’clock position & goes around clock wise. it’s repeated once.

      side note: we just got a dog name ruby, so when i saw this comment, i imagined for a minute that our dog was commenting on the blog. i might be an idiot :)

  5. Sarah

    They ook amazing! Do you happen to know the font of the top right one? I can’t find any Cyrillic handwriting fonts on :(


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