In honor of Irene, the pyschobitch ex-girlfriend of the East coast who’s about to reach back like a pimp & slap-a-ho, I thought I’d post about hurricanes. Glass hurricanes. Particularly, how lazy/cheap people like me can decorate the shit out of a table, mantle, or counter top using a glass hurricane.

Glass hurricanes filled with split peas! Super cheap.

Glass hurricanes filled with candy corn. Very festive & cheap.

Wine corks! Brilliant. I could amass that many in like… a weekend. On it!

Autumn is coming! Gather artifacts of the changing season, shove them in there with a candle. WUH-LA

This is very fancy. I imagine fancy people doing fancy things with these all around.
But it’s also cheap & easy, so go steal a few sprigs from your neighbor’s tree & start feeling fancy. I’ll wait.

Andrés is going to be gone much of tomorrow for the Jets preseason game, so I’m going to brave the wind & rain to pick up some glass hurricanes, candles & fillers.

PS: Michael’s, Target, Walmart all have similar hurricanes. I’m going to Michael’s.


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