Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Mr. AFV
  • “You are Miss Efficiency!!!” – my dad
  • Asiago cheese bread
  • Watching the Yankees beat the Orioles in club seats at Camden
  • The new Android Tumblr app & the Android update!
  • Starting The Wire
  • Gigantic healthy, delicious green smoothies
  • New tunes! (Red Hot Chili Pepper’s I’m With You, Lil Wayne’s The Cater IV)
  • Baking brownies for my coworkers
  • Making the call, starting the process (holy shit!)
  • Popeye’s biscuits
  • “You’re my hero. I love you.”
  • Skyping with my sister in Scotland for hours
  • Spending the weekend at The National Harbor with my love
  • Brunch at The Diner
  • Sister ives! hahaha
  • Baking cheesy bread

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