Making that bitch my wife.

Last week on Thursday Andrés said we were going to out to dinner on Friday night. I asked what the occasion was, he said to celebrate our offer being accepted on a house. (Oh, yea, we’re buying a house. I’ll explain that more another day.)

On Friday I noticed that this gorgeously renovated townhouse we had been looking at online a few weeks ago was back on the market after it had mysteriously disappeared. I emailed Andrés & called his office like 13 times in a row until he answered because I really wanted to go check it out. I didn’t know I was messing up Big Plans.

We drove back from the city to home to drop off his carpool buddy, then we stepped inside to get changed for dinner. And then he sprung on me that he got a room at the Best Western in case we want to get drunk so I should pack a bag. I was like, “Cool, the Best Western is nice.” I’m not a fancy bitch. So I throw some random clothes in a bag & we left to go see the townhouse. It was AWESOME but smaller & much older than the one we already have a contract on so it was a pass.

Then we were off to the Cheesecake Factory. He was pretending to be lost when we passed the restaurant & rolled through the valet parking of the Ritz Carlton. I was mortified because the guys (one of them named Reuben, like the sandwich) started approaching the car, trying to open the door and carry my stuff. I thought we were in the wrong place & IT WAS ALL JUST A HUGE MISTAKE. I’m like covering half my face & hissing at Andrés through my teeth to PULL AWAY.

Then he was like, “Get out of the car, babe.”

So we get out & we walk into the Ritz motherfucking Carlton. I texted my sister all like, WTF IS GOING ON. When we get up to our room on the FOURTEENTH FLOOR overlooking the city, there is a HUUUGE bouquet of long stem red roses in baby’s breath. Very romantical.

We walk through the hotel into the mall then go to Cheesecake for dinner. We stuffed ourselves full of delicious food & red velvet cheesecake & pineapple upside down cheesecake then went back to the hotel to pass out. I wash my face & crawl into the huge, comfy bed next to him.

He asks, “What kind of pillow do you have?”

Without moving at all because I’m tired, I answered, “Feather.”

Then he’s staring at me with crazy eyes so I’m like, “Why are you staring at me?”

He goes, “Do you think there are mints under the pillows?” So I flip the fuck over because I’m like, YUM! THERE WILL BE A DELICIOUS MINT UNDER MY PILLOW!

But instead of a delicious mint there was a red rose with a beautiful ring around one leaf.

I was like WHAT. What is this. What is this that you are doing.

He goes “I’m making that bitch my wife.” (inside joke, very hilarious)

Then he goes (in a Mufasa voice from the Lion King) CAANNDIIICE. WILL YOU BE MY WIFE?

I was like, “Yea. YES. Yes!”

So we are betrothed.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30AM because I was too excited to sleep. I watched the sunrise & gazed at my gorgeous new sparkly.

Andrés woke up around 10AM, & we got ready.

We went to brunch at Michel Richard’s restaurant, Michel.

Then we had drinks at the hotel bar: a Grey Goose bloody mary & a shot of Johnny Walker’s Blue Label.

Then we went home.

What a fantastic weekend.

I’m unbelievably blessed to one day be able to call this man my husband.


3 thoughts on “Making that bitch my wife.

  1. Christina Rodriguez


    (Your blog needed the obligatory squeal)

    Congratulations, my dear! Been waiting for this official news since I last saw you two in January 2010! You two were totally meant for each other.


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