Monthly Archives: November 2011

Our Home

We got the house! We (Andrés) signed all the papers tonight.

My sister B, my parents, our realtor & her husband met us there after closing & we showed them around.

My dad said, “You’ll have room to grow in this house.” He’s right. (But that’s not going to happen until at least 2013.)

We did it, Bub. We got our dream house.


Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Bubba
  • Three day work week!
  • Dark purple nail polish under silver crackle
  • Baking Apple Pies in Apples with my mom
  • Thanksgiving feasts with each family
  • Andrés’ aunt teaching me her famous salsa recipe
  • Being almost done with my Christmas shoping
  • Buying our living room & dining room furniture
  • Delicious thanksgiving leftovers
  • Oatmeal Scotchies for breakfast
  • My new iPhone 4s! looove
  • Baked crinkle cut sweet potato fries
  • Getting most of my stuff packed for the Big Move
  • ACTUALLY going to closing tomorrow

Take Me Home

We didn’t get to close on the house yesterday because the seller submitted the package to HUD (it’s banked-owned by Freddie Mac) on Saturday night. HUD needs at least 72 hours notice to approve it, & that would push us into the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, we’re closing on Monday, November 28 at 4PM. (!!!)

We’re not even really bummed because it’s all set to go through, just one week later. We’ll have more time to prepare.

After we visited the townhouse on Saturday, we picked up some boxes & packing materials for free on Craigslist so we can start packing. Once the condo is empty, we’ll clean it top to bottom, paint everything white, have the carpets cleaned, then hopefully get it rented out in no time. Fingers crossed.

Then we’ll start on the townhouse.

So much to do. So fucking excited.

Here’s a peek:


Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Mr. AFV
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Sweet potato fries & eggs for dinner
  • My iTunes playlists being recovered intact
  • Sugar free almond dark chocolates
  • A free eggnog latte & a free caramel brûlée latte
  • Gingerbread pound cake
  • My new medallion earrings
  • Delicious Persian kabobs
  • “Have a great day, Wonder Woman.”
  • Lots of crab rangoon
  • Visiting our {prospective} new home & exploring our new city
  • Brunch with my parents, celebrating their 36th anniversary
  • Collecting lots of boxes & packing materials for free
  • Hopefully closing on our home tomorrow (!!!)

A Smattering of Pillows

The living room of our prospective townhouse is huge. We’ll have enough room for the gigantic gray sectional that I’ve always wanted.

I’m thinking the KARLSTAD corner sofa from Ikea with the add-on chaise lounge will be big enough for us. We’re also thinking about a couple of the KARLSTAD chairs & a footstool.

I want a smattering of pillows across the couch that we can switch out easily to change the feel of the room. Like these aubergine pillows from Z Gallerie (that totally match the blog colors right now):

And these silver pillows would look really posh sprinkled in, especially around New Year’s:

We can’t wait settle into a bigger home. Our home.