Furniture Adventures

We’re almost completely moved in & we’ve started sorting our belongings. Andrés’ condo was just over 500 square feet. The new house is almost 1,800 square feet. We needed furniture.

We started the living room with the KARLSTAD corner sofa with the add-on chaise lounge like I wrote about a couple weeks ago.  Even though our new house is only 9 minutes from Ikea (!!!), we don’t have cars that can hold that kind of couch. So the plan was to order as much as possible online & have it shipped to the house for a single flat rate. We were able to buy the corner sofa & the  footstool online, but not the arm chairs or the add-on chaise.

I placed the online order Thanksgiving weekend (…BEFORE we had actually closed on the house, hah) for the sofa & footstool. I drove down to Ikea in my ’05 Accord to get the chaise add-on & the arm chairs & Andrés agreed to meet me with his Camry to help haul everything back, since we didn’t have a house 9 minutes away to put anything in, yet.

This plan was kind of half-baked & so was the trip.

I found the chaise add-on with the Sivik dark gray cover no problem.

Our Ikea was sold out of the arm chairs & their Sivik dark gray covers. Ok, that’s fine. Whatever. I can probably find them online, right? Then we actually found one in the As-Is section. In the color we wanted. Already assembled.

But when Andres sat in it we realized it was much too small scale-wise for what we wanted. He’s a big boy, so we wanted a chair that was substantial, not something more scaled to a pre-teen’s bedroom. So we passed on it, & counted it as a blessing. Also, the tapered feet annoy the hell out of me because they don’t match the rest of the collection.

We decided to pick up our dining room table & chairs since we weren’t able to get the arm chairs. We picked out the STORNÄS dining table (it seats 6-10!) with eight of the $20 STEFAN chairs & two $99 HENDRIKDAL chairs for the ends of the table.

When Andrés took a look at the bottoms of the HENDRIKSDAL chairs, he didn’t like the woven canvas bottom that was holding the seat together. In his experience, they stretch out so he wanted to get something a little more sturdy. I’m  fine with that;  I think we can beat the hefty $99/each price tag with some Craigslisted Parson’s chairs with slip covers.

When it came time to put the chaise lounge in my car, we looked like idiots. We were trying to jam that thing in every which way. We finally took it out of the box & got it in diagonally across my car. That thing is so much bigger than it looks! If it had been an inch bigger I wouldn’t have been able to get my car in reverse. But we made it home, with all our stuff.

I got what I thought was the right table.

But, I actually picked up a different, smaller STORNÄS dining table.

This one. Which is $120 cheaper (I thought it was some kind of cheaper-in-store-deal, I guess?) because it only has one leaf & it seats just 4-6. I only just figured this out a couple days ago when I started wondering why, when my dad put it together on Saturday, it only had one leaf. UGH.

Anyways, we’re taking it apart, taking it back & getting our big, honking 10 seater table. We want to have big dinner parties!

So, the sofa & footstool were delivered yesterday. As of last night, the living room looked like this:

And the box graveyard:

There are a couple other pieces coming soon that I’ll post about when they arrive. (Like a gorgeous chair & rug!)


2 thoughts on “Furniture Adventures

  1. Bev Nazaroff

    that looks GREAT!!!! congrats! I’m glad you figured out the table thing and I can’t wait to see how the correct table looks in that room :)


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