We got our big honkin’ 10 seater table last night & assembled it. It’s glorious.

But before I show you that… let me show you the smaller 4-6 person STORNAS table that I accidentally bought & that my dad kindly assembled a couple weeks ago.

It’s not tiny, but it’s not adequate for the amount of family that we hope to host for causal dinners & holidays in the future. I took it apart (a little too much, actually – I had to put some of the tracks back on, hah!) & we returned it last night to Ikea & picked up the correct STORNAS table – the big 6-10 seater with two leaves.

Here she is:

I love those silver chargers. We can change them up for a lot different holidays, & they were just $1.99 each at Target.  They also help show the size difference from the 4-6 seater to the 6-10 seater. Both are pictured with all their leaves in, by the way. We still need to find 2-3 Parson’s chairs on Craigslist  to complete the dining room seating. (The third would be for a future desk – maybe a Parson’s desk from West Elm – over by the stairs. More on that later if we do it.)

All eight of the STEFAN chairs we picked out for the sides of the table are not pictured because one of them is currently holding up the TV. We don’t have a TV stand for the FIOS box & Blu-ray player or the big TV wall mounted yet, so when we FINALLY got Internet & TV hooked up & WORKING last night (side eye Verizon FIOS), Andres propped the small TV up on a LACK shelf on one of the STEFAN chairs & cheerfully exclaimed, “IKEA HACK!”

This is why I’m marrying him. In case you were wondering.


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