Purple Nurple

We added a few new things to the living room last week!

Here’s a close-up of the chair:

It’s the Morgan Arm Chair in purple from HomeDecorators.com, although it reads some sort of crazy fuschia in that last photo (taken at night).

The chair seems a little randomly placed, but we hope to ground it with a side table, a small round tuft ottoman & perhaps a rug underneath that little reading area.

I’d like to rip those mirrors down & put up three columns of glossy white built-in shelving to hold books, art, little plants & other small items. Andrés isn’t sold on the bookshelf plan yet, but we both want to take those mirrors down. They’re super cheap looking up close.

The hue of the pillows are similar to the chair – muted eggplant/aubergine – but they don’t match perfectly, which I kind of like.

The four matching pillows are from, of all places, Costco. They were around $20 for each set of two, so that was awesome. They seem more durable than most decorative pillows, so we aren’t afraid to really use them. The sparkly sequined pillow is from Bed, Bath & Beyond; it was $25 &  we used a 20% off coupon on it.

Also, we’re currently working on a solution to the TV propped up on the shelf & chair. It involves a real Ikea Hack!


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