What are you doing for NYE?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel cover “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” by Frank Loesser

How lovely is that? Her voice is incredible.

For New Year’s Eve, we’re hosting a dinner for over twenty people at our house. Our house that we’ve lived in for less than four weeks.

Andrés’ aunt Miriam suggested we host it when we told her about the house. We agreed, thinking it’d be the usual crowd – around 8-10 people. Boy were we surprised when a family of distant cousins drove up to surprise everyone for Christmas & ended up staying in the area for New Year’s Eve instead of going up to New York City.

The more the merrier, right? That’s what I keep telling myself…

Miriam & my parents are helping us tremendously, for which I am extremely grateful.

We have dishes & glasses for sixteen after picking up a couple FÄRGRIK dinnerware sets from Ikea & some large glass tumblers from Target (in addition to what we already had). Miriam is supplementing much of the rest, along with blankets & pillows, because apparently a bunch of people are going to crash on our floor, too. That’s better than them driving drunk or tired.

Our huge STORNAS dining table is currently stretched out with all the leaves in & has twelve STEFAN chairs sitting at it. We stopped by Ikea & picked up four more earlier this week to add to our eight. Check it out:

I got those candles at Walmart & the big one is from Ikea. They’re just white candles, but I love how they brighten up the huge black table cloth from Target.

I chose a black table cloth (with a pad underneath) after trying light colored place mats that would show too much wear & didn’t protect the table enough. We probably won’t leave the table cloth on all the time, but for big dinners, we’re going to use it.

The other eight people will be sitting at a large plastic folding table with borrowed chairs. That’s all coming on Friday/Saturday from my parents & my sister B. That table will be set up in front of the mirrors where the purple chair is now, & the chair is going to move over near the stairs. I added a house tour (that needs to be updated with current pictures badly!) if anyone needs help making sense of that.

We also added a tray to the ottoman/footstool in the living room & picked up a whole bunch of cork coasters (& some cork trivets for the table) for added protection.

Since we just had the carpets cleaned a week & a half ago, we’re only serving light & clear liquids like Sprite, Ginger Ale, water, white wine & champagne. I hope no one is a serious red wine or grape juice drinker!

Wish us luck as we flex our hosting muscles in a BIG way for the first time!


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