Team Shitdicks

I made Andrés another calendar this year, just like I did last year . I think it’s going to become a thing for us because it’s so much fun to remember our inside jokes.

The zitty teenager at Fedex Office was like, “Teeechnically I’m not allowed to print this.” I asked why, because I had about 10 minutes to get this done before we left for the mountains & I did not need this fuckjob messing up my favorite Christmas present to give.

“Because of the language.”

“What language?”

“I…uh… a lot of it.”

“Can you do it anyways, please?”


“Thanks, pumpkin.”

Just kidding! I didn’t say please.

Here’s our 2012 calendar:

It’s a mixture of jokes from Kevin Hart, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Adventure Time, Tommy Boy, & inside jokes.


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