Grapes & Lentil Soup

New Year’s Eve was amazing. We had so much help from my parents, Andrés’ mom, Andrés’ aunt, my parent’s friends. They helped cook, helped clean, helped put away the left overs.

We’re so blessed to have such an amazing support system.

Here’s how the living room was looking with the extra folding table added, just an hour before guests were supposed to start arriving:

Andrés had to run to the store to get bolts because we wanted to hang the big TV but we couldn’t find the bolts in the sea boxes downstairs.

While he was gone, I set the big table.

All white, silver & clear to lighten up the black table cloth. It looked pretty classy.

When Andrés got back, we hung the TV with the wires running behind the wall & thank goodness everything lined up. We were able to center the TV on the couch & run the wires between studs. Hidden wires make me stupid happy. It’s so clean looking!

The TV stand is the Ikea Hack that I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

We bought two LACK TV units, drilled some holes into the top of the first & attached the top half of the second. The back is open, so running wires is easy. We like that it mimics the chunkiness of the legs of the couch, & that the glossy white brightens up the living room a little. It’ll really pop against light gray walls.

The small black tables are our nightstands. We aren’t using them right now, so they work as makeshift side tables to put drinks on.

I’m so glad we got the TV hung because the kids got to enjoy some old school Super Mario World. They couldn’t quite grasp that they weren’t playing on a Wii or an Xbox. “What’s Nim…temdo?” got asked a couple times.

It was a pretty great night. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our families.

We toasted the New Year with lots of family, red velvet cake, sparkling wine, twelve grapes & lentil soup.


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