Ikea Small Spaces Playlist

I love this play list of ideas for small spaces from Ikea. So much functionality packed in without sacrificing the design.

Watch the whole playlist here.


4 thoughts on “Ikea Small Spaces Playlist

  1. candy

    lol when i was working at IKEA i had to go to this god awful peprally at 7am. We pepped, we rallied, we answered IKEA trivia to that i kissed a girl lady songs. Then we took a tour of the store and looked at all the new products that came out with the new catalogue. And we had to watch this video and I was lollin at the fact that they stuck like 6 people in that tiny ass room. Jesus Christ NO WAY IN HELL.

    And then they gave us IKEA socks and THEN i didn’t have to work until 3 so I went to the field next door and got drunk. YEAH! AND THENNNN i went to work drunk and some cute as fuck crust kid totally hit on me so I made a missed connection and he responded.

    The end. :P

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      i want a tour of the store showing the new products but not at 7am, thanks.

      6 people in that room is ridiculous because none of them could have a sex life. all of them snoring & farting in their sleep… just no.

      i remember the crust kid missed connection but i did it turn out to be him?

      1. candy

        Yeah, it turned out to be him! But then he turned out to be really dumb and I didn’t pursue. And then like a month later, he imed me really drunk asking for nudes (I declined) and then the next day he was all, sorry I was drunk. Who are you? LOL

        But it was still nice to know that it happened :3


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