Our windows are nekkid. I LOVE IT.

A lot of people who saw pictures of the house before we moved in (house tour) know that the curtains came with the house.

From stalking the property records & then Googling the names, I figured out that the previous owners were an Ethiopian family with one child. (The house was a foreclosure so we never actually interacted with the previous owners, only the good-for-nothing bank.) I think this flavored their design asthetic a little, but, then again, maybe not, because a lot other people like Andrés’ mom, aunt & cousin all love the curtains.

I don’t.

I really, really don’t.

They’re not ugly, just WAAAY too traditional for us. For us. So that doesn’t mean they won’t be a lovely addition to Andrés’ cousin’s home, but they were not staying at this casa.

I got most of the curtains down myself using a flathead screw driver. Whoever hung them didn’t use anchors but instead used HUGE flathead screws. I was actually sweating from straining to get them down.

Andrés’ mom even noticed, (& kindly pointed it out, haha) because I don’t sweat very often.

We have four more that need to come down from our bedroom/bathroom & then the long thing in front of the tub (I don’t even know what to call it…) in the guest bathroom needs to come down. (Check it out in the house tour to refresh your memory.)

Here’s our naked house being all sexy ‘n stuff wit her bad self:

We had to take down the tree. So sad. The bay window feels so empty now.

In the corner in the dining room we have the curtain rods & the curtains we’re going to try in the dining room. But we have to paint first.

See those little sample swatches peeking out? Those are (in order of top to bottom) Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, Tranquil by Valspar, & Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

I love Agreeable Gray, Andrés likes Tranquil. We both think Moonshine is too cold & blue for our space/lighting.

We’re going to try two more light grays, then make a decision.

In the meantime between times, I picked all of the wallpaper off the kitchen wall using only my finger nails & a pair of tweezers. Nothing else.

The walls need to be sanded because there’s some glue residue left over, but the paper in there came down pretty easily. Thank goodness! Hopefully the wallpaper in the middle floor half bath & the master bath will come down just as easily.


4 thoughts on “Nekkid.

  1. candy

    O thank god. I haaaaaated those fucking curtains but I didn’t want to say anything. I knew they came with the house, but if it was my house, those woulda come down the day I signed the papers. Haha. Excited about the yellow paint being covered, too! Yay!

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      hahaha i hated them from the get-go. i told our realtor the first time we saw the house that if we get it, she can have the curtains for free as long as she & her husband took them down. she never got her shit together & missed two appointments to come get her FREE curtains so i had to take them down to give them to andrés’ cousin. i was annoyed.

    1. Andrés & Candice Post author

      yup, we’re adding blinds to the palladian windows at the front of the house & possibly curtains later. the bay window will have 4 curtain panels & the dining room & patio doors will have white curtains to block visibility but let in light with big drapes added for height & drama.


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