Fit for a King… & His Queen

On Saturday we had our bed built.

We’d been sleeping on a double sized memory foam mattress on the floor in the master bedroom almost since we moved in. We slept on my queen sized bed in the blue bedroom for a little bit, but we tended to roll towards the middle & since the mattress wasn’t foam, & I could feel every single time Andrés blinked. Or even thought about blinking.

The bed Andrés had at the condo is built of solid wood & covered in padding & industrial carpet. His mom had it made for him several years ago. It is STURDY. & HEAVY. & there’s no way it would fit around the bend by the bathroom on the middle floor without us having to take the banisters out, which would be a pain in the ass.

We have plans to have some guys come to haul it over the deck then carry it upstairs to put in the tan bedroom.

So we wanted a bed like that, but bigger. A HUGE king size bed with room underneath for storage, that is built extremely solidly &, most importantly, that won’t creak. Ever.

These guys that built our king size bed did an amazing job.

They cut the wood in the garage, then carried it upstairs in pieces to assemble it in our bedroom. I’m pretty sure if we ever leave this house, our massive bed is staying behind.

They covered the two by fours in plywood, padding, then industrial carpet.

This is how much more space we have now:

We went to Ikea to check out mattresses because they have some pretty great memory foam ones for less than $1,000. We picked out the SULTAN FLOKENES & then paid to have it delivered (& carried up two fights of stairs) on Sunday morning for only $59.

The mattress is firm when it’s on a hard surface. I like it because it will loosen over time & not just crumble or sink. I think people complain about the FLOKENES being too firm because they try out the floor model that is laying on a box spring, instead of the floor model that is laying on a hard solid surface. We tried both, & agreed it was great for us.

The off gassing is noticeable but not too bad. Not any worse than the off gassing of the wood & carpet on the bed, anyways. Our room smells weird right now. Actually, the whole house still smells weirdly new. Doesn’t smell like “us” at all. I kind of hate that. In time it will feel more like “home.”

Having a real bed to sleep in seems like a really big step towards that.

We need to get a king sized comforter & a real comforter cover because that one is made from two queen sized jersey sheets sewed together.

We’re going to make a huge soft tufted headboard (that will snugly fit between the columns) & a fabric covering for the bottom (to hide the legs & industrial carpet) with my mom (she went to upholstery school!). The fabric covering will have a Velcroed flap on one side to allow for easy access to the under bed storage.


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