Under Rug Swept

Back in December I ordered a lovely 8’3 x 11′ rug from Overstock to go in the living room under the sofa: the Handmade Soho Chrono Grey/ Ivory New Zealand Wool Rug.

When this monster arrived, we dragged all 90 pounds of it upstairs, opened it, & … hated it.

It’s not gray – it’s absolutely light blue. It’s listed as gray by Overstock, it looks gray on screen, but Safavieh labeled it (correctly) as blue & ivory on the actual rug.

The return process a complete pain in the ass because Overstock wouldn’t pay to get someone to come pick it up. We rewrapped it to best of our ability, stuffed it in my Honda Accord & I returned it to a Fedex Office store right before we left for the mountains for Christmas.

I was really worried that the rug would be damaged on its way back to Safavieh because we didn’t have the proper materials to protect it. I’ve had Overstock give me a partial refund in the past because they claimed there was lint on a clothing item that I never wore & returned immediately.

Luckily, they gave me a full refund when I pestered them about it a month after I sent the rug back.

The next rug we considered was the gray 9’6 x 13 x’6 Safavieh Soho Collection SOH821C Handmade New Zealand Wool Area Rug. (It was only $801 at the time, the price has since shot up.)

This rug was a lot bigger, & would extend from the edges of the 12 foot long sofa we have. I loved this rug but something didn’t feel right about it. I’m glad we didn’t get it because after thinking about it for a month, it would be too much dark gray for that corner of the room.

The rug I’m currently LOVING is the 8′ x 10′ Diamond Trellis Dhurrie Rug in Peacock Teal.

This rug is gorgeous. It’s a little smaller, but I think we’ll prefer that since we want to define the living room area & a rug that extended from the edges of the sofa would “leak” into the not-yet-defined reading area in front of the mirrors. I guess that will make more sense with pictures. Anyways. The color. Peacock teal. As in, NOT GRAY. I think it’ll add an awesome burst of color (that’s not aubergine like everything else colorful right now) & fits perfectly into the “Earthy Neutrals” color scheme.  This rug feels like The One.


2 thoughts on “Under Rug Swept

  1. Jessica

    Hi There,

    I’m loving the same trellis rug as you are and stumbled on your blog as I was searching for this rug. I’m wondering if you ended up purchasing the rug in the peacock teal color. If so, were you happy with it? I’m also looking to purchase the teal color so thought I’d see if you had luck with it before I moved forward. Thanks!


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