Living Room Updates

We’ve made a couple updates to the living room lately – we added two new pieces of furniture & couple decorative/functional pieces.

The first is this West Elm Parson’s desk that we picked up from a great guy on Craigslist in January. It retails for $349 (!!!) which is WAY more than we want to pay for a desk. I scoured Craigslist for a couple weeks until one came up, & we went all the way up to Piney Orchard, MD to get it after work one night. We paid $130 & it’s in like-new condition so we consider it a total steal.

The flowered box under the desk is from Target (for about $15) to hold files & important documents.

The green lamp on the desk is one my mom & I rescued from the trash several years ago.

I put a large white drum shade from Target (for like $15) on it & I’m thinking about spray painting it a happy yellow or moody teal color. Verdict is still out.  Any ideas? This is the color scheme for the house.

I also snagged a warm walnut colored desk organizer from Amazon to hold our mail before we get to sorting it. I really like the contrast of the warm walnut on top of the glossy white parsons desk for some reason.

We have a bigger, much more awesome chair on the way (those are the dining room chairs), which I’ll share more about once we get it at the end of this week.

In the mean time, you can see another piece of glossy white anglular furniture that we added in the background of the above photo.

It’s an Ikea EXPEDIT shelving unit in high gloss white. We could have gone with the same thing in just regular white for $20 cheaper, but we figured it would hold up better with the extra gloss.

The baskets are from Ikea, too, for around $15 a pop. I figure it’ll be a great place to stash toys for future little ones. We use it as a sofa table/console table to hold drinks, snacks, discarded earrings, remote controls, etc.

The elephants are a house present that we picked up for ourselves for about $100,000 pesos – so like $50 for the pair – while we were in Colombia. They’re hollow so we weren’t TOO worried about them getting “accidentally” broken as they were processed by customs on our way back into the US . They made the trip well packed in the center of my suitcase.  Yellowy green & teal are colors I want to introduce more of into our space since we’re a little purple-heavy at the moment. You can see those colors in the file box, the lamp & the elephants so far.

We picked up the small mercury glass bowl from Kirkland’s for about $7 last week.

 There’s plenty of walking space between the two pieces, as you can sort of see here:

This is how the room looks from the other side, right near the TV…

Itsy bitsy changes until we get up the nerve to paint this gigantic room!


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