In the most recent living room update post, I mentioned that we had a bigger, much more awesome chair on the way.

These two Ikea STEFAN chairs on loan from our dining room weren’t really cutting it. We don’t actually need two chairs there since I don’t usually sit next to Andrés when he’s at his laptop. This desk is mostly for him because I do my Internet browsing from the couch. He does Important Things there, like downloading the hottest mix tapes & looking at cat GIFs. 

We picked out the Emme Graphite Armchair from Kirkland’s. They didn’t sell it in store at our Woodbridge location, so we ordered online. Good thing, too, since it was on temporary sale from $179.99 down to $149.99. Kirkland’s offered free ship to store, & I found a online promo code for an additional 15% off, which means we got it for a grand total of: $140.70. That’s some bomb savings, you guys.

I’m loving it!  We now have two big hefty chairs for extra seating (the other one is the purple Morgan Armchair from Like we need really extra seating, though.

Here’s how it looks in our space:

I also took the opportunity to neaten up the cords coming from the laptop charger, the hard drive & the lamp. I used twisty ties to gather up the extra bits, then I used some 3M Command Metal/Plastic Utensil Hooks to hold up the bundle neatly under the parsons desk.

It looks cleaner for people walking up and down the stairs on the other side of the railing, too.

Although the tones of the chair look similar to the gray tone of the couch, the chair is actually a lot lighter. I’m thinking about adding some nail head trim to it to spice it up a little. Not sure yet, though!


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