Top: This weekend I went to look for a wedding dress with my sister B. We narrowed it down to two contenders, and made an appointment for Monday to make the final selection with my mom and my little sister there. Wish my oldest sister could have been there, too!

We ended up picking a completely different dress, that I absolutely love. It’s just gorgeous. I’m so excited! Now we’re shopping for a bird cage veil or just some ivory flowers for my hair.

Middle: Andrés & I went to a birthday BBQ on Saturday after I got back from the first dress appointment. We picked up some fried chicken and biscuits at Popeyes (their biscuits are THE BEST – I’m thinking about quitting my job and working there just to get the recipe) on the way.  We had some leftover biscuits that we ate with some leftover smoked salmon (also from the BBQ) and eggs. I think it was the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had.

Bottom: On Sunday, I got a hankering for some coconut cake. I left the recipe at home and forgot to get the cream of coconut and the coconut milk, but I did get a bottle of coconut extract (which the recipe did not call for). I just loaded up the cake batter and the frosting with a bunch of that & it turned out okay. I definitely still want to the try the more coconut saturated recipe, though. We had some limes so I grated some zest over the cake on a whim. It felt fancy and added a little zing.


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