The Ottoman Empire

Did you know that the Ottoman Empire lasted from 27 July 1299 to 1 November 1922 (623 years)? That blows my mind. And has nothing to do with this post.

When we bought our sofa, we splurged for the matching ottoman (footstool). That worked for a while, but as the room started having a more focused direction (mostly when we got the rug), I started itching for a nicer ottoman that a) wasn’t so matchy-matchy, b) had a storage compartment, and c) could hold glasses.  I added a tray from Ikea for part “c” so we could put glasses on the ottoman, but certainly didn’t feel too secure, and the tray/ottoman are at Ruby’s height.

I fell in love with Noah Tufted Storage Ottoman offered on Joss & Main, but it’s pretty expensive (and non refundable) and didn’t over a solution to the “places to put cups” dilemma. But it’s gorgeous.

I started looking all over for large square storage ottomans in white. It was tough. Andrés found another option, the Durango Four Sectioned Ivory Leather Cube Storage Ottoman on Amazon for $267. That’s down $133 from the Noah (and the Durango ships for free and I think returns are possible), and it offered the storage and the flip trays are perfect for holding drinks and remotes.

We were pretty much decided on the Durango when we went out shopping last Sunday — we were just deciding when we would purchase it. Andrés turned in near Target to turn around to avoid waiting at long light, when I asked to stop in so I could get zit cream (true story). As we drove near Target, we passed Value City Furniture and they had a bunch of their patio table sets outside (something we’re also sort-of shopping for). Andrés checked those out while I ran into Target, and then I joined him at Value City. We decided to check out the store since we had no where else to be immediately.

And then we found this baby:

The Axis White 5-Piece Ottoman Package. Market down from $129 to just $100. We jumped on the deal. The ottoman comes with four smaller ottomans inside of it (kept in the storage spaces are under each of the trays), and four flip top trays like the Durango. The FOUR extra ottomans would be great for extra seating (which I don’t think we’ll ever need with the gigantic couch and the table for 12) or they can float around the room as-needed. I like that this ottoman doesn’t have the dark stitching that the Durango has (our carpet has a lot a movement — I was afraid the dark stitching might look too busy) and I like that it doesn’t have the chunky dark base of the Noah. It meets all the criteria: not gray, adds storage, adds a safe space for drinks, and comes in waaay under budget.

We borrowed my parent’s van to pick it up on Friday (so we didn’t have to pay the $80 delivery fee).

Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

You can see one of the baby ottomans on the right side of the sofa. I hope to make a tree stump side table to go there (of about the same scale — maybe a little taller?). I just need some help actually getting a stump.


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