I Promise I Won’t Build a House.

Earlier this I week filled out a general correspondence form on the website of the builder of our home asking for a copy of the floor plan. A customer service rep got back to me and said they couldn’t help me because the plans are copyrighted. I asked if I could hire an architect to map the house, producing the exact same thing, and he replied that I could do that but I just couldn’t build a house with those plans. I imagined us building a freestanding replica of our end-unit townhouse in the middle of nowhere. I manged to convince the guy I just wanted to frame a copy of it as art (as part of a gallery wall), which he said, in all his 20 years, he’d never heard of anyone doing (!) but that it was quite unique.  So he routed around and found me some PDFs of floor plans (not the blueprints — which I think he thought was what I was asking for) of our house, a house that is eerily similar to my parent’s house, and what I presume are other houses in the neighborhood. It’s fascinating to see the differences and the options. Because our home was one of two model homes for the neighborhood, we have things like an intercom system hooked up to the doorbell that has four access points. I didn’t know the vaulted ceilings in our bedroom and master bathroom were options, as well. When I update the house tour page, I think I’ll also include some of the floor plans so the layout  and the scale of the rooms make more sense.


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