Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Andrés
  • “You’re so mean. You belong in the book.”
  • Danielle winning Design Star!
  • My sister driving down for dinner
  • Mason jar glasses
  • More SoA marathons
  • Pampering myself (while playing hooky from work!)
  • Ruby making it through two long car trips
  • Spending the weekend with my parents in the mountains
  • Meeting with the pastor who’ll marry us
  • The Bluegrass Festival
  • Getting to take lots of pictures
  • Meeting our wedding DJ
  • Hear-shaped mini funnel cakes
  • “What if I clean up?”
  • “You’re gonna give me a pimple!”

I end every week by making a list of good things that happened during the week because studies show that grateful people lead happier, more productive lives and have more fulfilling relationships. You can join in by posting your own list and tagging it “very good things”.


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