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Herb Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms


2 lbs. fresh mushrooms
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon chopped fresh sage
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
Salt & pepper
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Remove the stems and slice the mushrooms. Mix the olive oil with the garlic, herbs and seasonings in a large ovenproof dish large. Add the mushrooms, and mix well, coating the mushrooms. Bake for about 35 minutes. Remove from the heat, and drizzle with the balsamic vinegar.



Saturday was dark and rainy and perfect. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon cuddled on the couch watching Breaking Bad. We got ready and then ventured out to my friend’s family’s Vietnamese restaurant in northwest DC for some big bowls of Hue Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (Bun Bo Hue), Crispy Spring Rolls, Shrimp Toast, Bo Dun Skewers, and Banana Flambé with Ice Cream for dessert. It was incredible. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. The kind of meal that I’m already planning to have again before I’ve finished the last bite.

On our way home we stopped at a shoe store in Pentagon City so I could use my coupon and get some wedding shoes. Andrés helped me find some strappy dark purple heels that should work well. My wedding dress and faux fur wrap are very warm, almost TOO warm, so these heels should let some heat escape from my body. For the reception, I splurged on a pair of matte black Tieks that I’m currently breaking in. I’ve never spent that much on shoes, but I’ve wanted of pair of nice flats for a while, and by going with black instead of the more expensive diamond white Tieks, I’ll likely wear them again. (I can’t handle white shoes.) (I also can’t handle heels all night.) (I can handle slippers and yoga pants REALLY well, though.)

Wedding To Do (Updated)

With the wedding 47 days away, here’s what my updated To Do List looks like.


  • Date set
  • Officiant booked
  • Venues reserved
  • Photobooth booked
  • Photographer reserved
  • Cake ordered
  • Cake flowers ordered
  • Cake topper ordered
  • Dress ordered
  • Guest list finalized
  • Engagement photos taken
  • Save the Dates printed & mailed
  • Spanish Announcements printed
  • Invitations printed
  • Bridesmaids dresses ordered
  • Jars / lanterns / candles acquired
  • Andrés’ gift purchased

To Do:

  • Sign contract on venues (meeting 8/18)
  • Finalize menu: food / alcohol (8/18)
  • Sign contract with photographer
  • Book DJ (meeting 7/29)
  • Mail Invitations
  • Get marriage license ( 8/20)
  • Meet with minister 1 (7/28) / 2 (8/18)
  • Schedule events for ceremony / reception
  • Decorations
    • Lace & twine jars crafted
    • Candelabra 
    • White lights + drapery
    • Burlap table runners (Mom is making)
    • Aubergine napkins
    • Peony paper flowers
    • Sparklers / bubbles / matchboxes / galvanized pails
    • Chalkboard silver trays + stands
    • Photobooth props
    • Children’s chalkboards (after 9/22)
    • Lavender in bags & cigar (Andrés getting) wedding favors
    • Guestbook tree (A is making) + ink + pens + wipes
    • Escort cards (after 9/22)
    • Bathroom baskets (A is gathering)
  • Attire
    • Bride: dress fittings: 1, 2 / veil + hair flowers / shoes (ceremony + reception) / jewelry / faux fur wrap
    • Bridesmaids: faux fur wraps / shoes / gifts
    • Groom:  tux /shoes / rings / gifts
    • Groomsmen: tuxes
  • Flowers (meeting 8/18)
    • Bride / Bridesmaids bouquets (1 + 3)
    • Groom / Groomsmen boutonnieres (4)
    • Mother / Grandmother corsages (5)
    • Baby’s breath decor bundles (20 for isles)
  • Reserve cabin for wedding night

The biggest things I need to take care of are the paper peonies, getting my dress fitting done (& finalizing my jewelry choices), and picking out alcohol for the reception.

After all the RSVPs are in, I’m going to make the escort cards and double check places/times/prices/details with all the vendors.

Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Andrés Felipe
  • “One should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one’s luck.”
  • Getting RSVPs back!
  • Hanging out with my mom!
  • Hannah Queen’s Instagram feed
  • Song of Solomon 3:4
  • Bowling with our neighbors & their kids
  • My man in Tims & a Yankee cap
  • AMAZING Vietnamese food with a friend
  • Buying my wedding shoes (& new black heels!)
  • This video
  • Setting up my married name email account
  • Lazy weekend Breaking Bad marathons
  • Gigantic cheese pizza

The Abandoned Hospital

Andrés & I spent this past weekend in the mountains again, meeting with the pastor, the florist, and the wedding coordinator to finalize some wedding details. Since my parents completed their vacation home in the mountains, I’ve wanted to explore the abandoned building we drive by each time we make the trip. We think it was part of a nearby hospital in the ’60s and ’70s. I can’t find any information online attaching this building to the hospital, but what we found inside convinced me. There was an entire room (the one photographed twice with the lacy curtains) covered in old files, linen orders, and memorandums. It was quite fascinating.  These were all taken with and edited on my iPhone, by me.

Very Good Things

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Mr. AFV
  • T – 2 months
  • Lots of sweet plums
  • Sometime Around Midnight
  • Bacardi Limón + Pineapple Coconut sparkling water
  • Ordering my garters, Andrés’ wedding bands & my reception shoes!
  • Baths in the huge tub
  • New tank tops & yoga pants (my uniform)
  • Submitting our application for our fence building
  • The RES extension
  • This GIF
  • Ikea’s STRANDMON chair (coming this winter!)
  • A weekend away in the mountains
  • Coffee from a French press
  • Lots of dogs!
  • Walking Ruby off leash
  • Exploring the abandoned hospital
  • Picking up our marriage license!