Painted with Broad Splashes of Color

It’s no secret how much I love tattoos: my sisters tattoo, tattooed old people, tattooed brides, tattooed families.

I’ve wanted a sleeve for the last 6 years. When I got my first tattoos (two Celtic symbols on the inside of my hip bones that mean “eternity” and “love” respectively) in 2006, I knew I wanted more — a lot more.

I’m narrowing my vision for my left arm sleeve: a collage of big, realistic flowers in black ink, painted with broad splashes of color, Peter Aurisch style:

My oldest sister, A, is going to help draw it. I remember in elementary school seeing the pieces she brought home from her high school art class. Her talent has always blown me away, and I’m so excited she agreed to work with me on this.

might insert meaning into the piece (using flowers of my family’s birth months, colors that remind me of my sisters and mom, or my family’s favorite flowers) but I’m also leaning towards art for art’s sake. I don’t think a tattoo has to have tons of ~meaning~ for it to be permanently inked on to my body. I just have to love it.


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