We Could Do It Real Big, Bigger Than You Ever Done It

Andrés picked out his wedding bands from Amazon. I was expecting them to be expensive but they were actually less than $40 a piece so I got him two: a beveled edge polished tungsten carbide band and a brushed black tungesten carbide band. He says the black one is for when he’s mad at me.

Since I saved so much, I wanted to get one engraved on the inside. I called around to local jewelers and they all said the same thing: tungsten carbide is too hard to engrave without special equipment. I was bummed. I started Googling places and found Titanium Kay, an online jeweler that offers laser engraving. I signed the waiver and shipped them the ring on Tuesday morning. The way I figured, if they weren’t legit, I was out like $25. But they are legitimate, and they’re amazing. I got the ring back this morning (FOUR DAYS LATER), perfectly engraved.

It says “You’re the fucking best.”

When we were becoming more serious in the summer of 2009, Andrés sent me a remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” He always has these smash-ups and mixes that I’d never heard — this one came from the album “Street Shit pt. 3”. I was terrified at the beginning of our relationship. I wasn’t ready to fall in love but everything was so overwhelmingly RIGHT. I didn’t want to invest, learn another man, and let him learn me, just to eventually lose him. I was unstable and overanalyzing everything. But he was kind and patient and just so good. Good to me, good to his mom, good to my family, good to himself. I remember listening to this song on repeat driving home from his condo way too late. It kind of just became our song. He really is the best I’ve ever had. 

And we’re doing it real big, bigger than we’ve ever done it, in one month and eleven days.


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