Top: We had our fence built around our backyard and half of our side yard on Friday. It’s a pine, board on board, 6 foot tall fence. We built it for a few reasons, but the primary reason is that Andrés’ sweet mama is coming to stay with us for the wedding and a little beyond. It makes no sense to pay the dog walker to come while she’s here, but Ruby is strong and highly motivated by birds/bugs/rabbits/lizards/other dogs/grass so she sometimes pulls hard abruptly. We didn’t want his mom to fall or get hurt, so the fence allows her to let Ruby out for little bathroom breaks safely. We also wanted an area to play fetch with tennis balls because Ruby is a damn crack head and can. not. concentrate if she doesn’t get tennis ball time.

Second: Raspberry vodka and limeade. Hanging onto these last few summery weekends.

Third: Caca Rouge henna from Lush. My bestie Cara generously came over for brunch and to help me dye my hair. I’m giving it a full month to settle down a little before the wedding because this shit? This shit is FIERCE. It came out wonderfully. I should do a post on how and why I dye my hair with henna.

Bottom: I made homemade rolls to go with a brunch of fried eggs and beef bacon.

We had an awesomely fun and productive weekend.


4 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Cara

    I’ll volunteer my services for a step-by-step henna tutorial if you chose to go that route (now that you’ve taken my henna dye virginity). Someone will have to be taking photos though… that might get out of hand.

    1. Cara

      choose*. Oh, and those rolls were amazing. Thank you for feeding me such delicious things when I come over. I need to step up my game. Honey Pig this Saturday? I’ll watch our meat cook and then I’ll serve it to you.


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