Traditional Sunday Dinner

Last Sunday, my sister A & her partner M came to our house to cook us a traditional Scottish Sunday Dinner that’s very characteristic of the island they live on.

A described it as a topside/silverside cut of beef rubbed with salt and pepper, seared and slow cooked for 3.5 hours with two large quartered white onions in a broth of fresh thyme, garlic and a touch of red wine. It was served with sour cream mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, savoy cabbage and broccoli which was steamed and sauteed with garlic, butter and salt. The broth from the meat was boiled and thickened with Bisto gravy granules.

This traditional Sunday dinner from their island is particularly characterized by the lack of fancy techniques or things like Yorkshire puddings and a non-optional presence of mashed potatoes (although roasted potatoes are acceptable as an addition) and copious amounts of gravy and the meat NOT being pink at all.
It made the house smell amazing for hours. When we finally sat down to eat, the anticipation made it that much more delicious. It means a lot to M to have this dinner on Sundays, and A has taken the time to learn it, and even improved it in small ways. It’s a labor of love.

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