Grab a Prop & Strike a Pose


One of the best decisions we made for the wedding was to rent a photo booth for our guests. We chose the Party Booth from Shifoto, a Ma & Pop photography business based in West Virginia. They were so kind, helpful, professional and communicative.

We asked for all the photos to be in black and white (it’s classic and it hides sweaty flushed faces), and we put out a couple of chalkboard speech bubbles, a 20 piece set of photo booth props, and a framed print of the image above found here on Pinterest.

It was a blast — we got so many compliments on it from our guests — even the minister and his wife hopped in! It helped keep everyone busy while we were photographed after the ceremony and before the reception, and it provided lots of entertainment when people took a break from dancing.

Here are a few of our favorites (so hard to choose!). You can see the whole set here.

1107662-double strip

1107642-double strip

1107626-double strip

1107594-double strip

1107602-double strip

1107526-double strip

1107562-double strip

1107542-double strip

1107518-double strip

1107494-double strip

1107462-double strip

1107414-double strip

1107622-double strip


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