One Year

A year ago yesterday, we moved into our house. Our home.

We kept it a secret from Andrés’ mom, and from most of his family, until she arrived about a month later and we surprised her.

In that year we: traveled to Colombia for 2 weeks, adopted Ruby, planned our wedding, and got married.

We started making our home ours in small and big ways. Truth be told, it didn’t really feel like home for me until very recently. We got a dresser for our bedroom, and for some odd reason that changed everything. It pulled that room together for me, and sealed the deal.

I expect to do a massive update to our house tour before the end of the month, but the biggest changes can be seen in the living room and dining room.

Dining room in December 2011:

The dining room more in October and November respectively:

table setting thanksgiving

The living room in December 2011:

The living room now:

Well that’s almost accurate… We have two Christmas trees up right now, but I’m going to update about that later this week.

The house is, by my estimation, at least 2 years from being even close to “done”. There are several rooms we haven’t touched at all, like: the middle floor bathroom, the guest room, the future nursery (the tan room), our master bedroom, the guest bathroom, the master bathroom.

We have so many plans, so many ideas. We just have to do them on our time, when we feel like it. And when we can afford it. I don’t feel weird about having a partially unfinished house. I think it’s charming to see the process.


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