With All My Heart, Always

packing slip

phone case

chicken and dumplingsAndrés got me a monogramed V phone case for Valentine’s day (which I heavily hinted at, haha). But to be honest? The packing slip made me cry. Then I got embarrassed that I was being overly emotional over a packing slip so I tried to put a cardboard box on my head to hide it. It wasn’t my best moment.

Andrés makes me feel loved constantly. When he makes me eggs, when he drives me around, when he indulges my Craigslist whims, when he takes Ruby out late at night. But he doesn’t often say things like those two messages (the second accompanied two dozen roses delivered to my office). So to receive both, in the same week? I feel like the luckiest girl. We all have different love languages that we speak, and words of affirmation is one of mine. And boy, is he speaking directly to my heart.


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