Succulent Terrarium



succulent terrariumI made a succulent terrarium for our kitchen. I’m hoping I can keep it alive because I have a black thumb when it comes to succulents. Apparently they thrive on neglect, and I over watered them. I also never re-potted them in cactus soil and provided drainage, so maybe that had something to do with it?

I followed this succulent terrarium tutorial from Floral Verde from this pin on Pinterest.  My friend donated her glass bowl and I got to work. I made sure the roots would reach the pebbles so the excess water can drain, and I added the activated charcoal to make sure it won’t start stinking. I watered it with one shot glass of water this week, and I’ve left it alone. I hope I can keep them alive!


One thought on “Succulent Terrarium

  1. seitan666


    Michael’s has the UGLIEST, fakest looking plastic succulents right now…it is pretty comedic. They also have camo print fake flowers, though, so I guess….welp.


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