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Eleven Years

Eleven years ago, I was in my 8th grade science class when dozens of kids were called for early dismissal. Andrés was underway in a sub in the Atlantic, receiving substantial flash traffic.

These photos are humbling, heartbreaking, astonishing, and overwhelming. But it’s important to look through them.

Joe Biden’s speech Joe Biden’s speech today in Shanksville, PA, commemorating the victims of Sept. 11 is incredibly moving, especially because it’s punctuated by his own pain. Pray I will, sing I must, but yet I weep.



Top: We had our fence built around our backyard and half of our side yard on Friday. It’s a pine, board on board, 6 foot tall fence. We built it for a few reasons, but the primary reason is that Andrés’ sweet mama is coming to stay with us for the wedding and a little beyond. It makes no sense to pay the dog walker to come while she’s here, but Ruby is strong and highly motivated by birds/bugs/rabbits/lizards/other dogs/grass so she sometimes pulls hard abruptly. We didn’t want his mom to fall or get hurt, so the fence allows her to let Ruby out for little bathroom breaks safely. We also wanted an area to play fetch with tennis balls because Ruby is a damn crack head and can. not. concentrate if she doesn’t get tennis ball time.

Second: Raspberry vodka and limeade. Hanging onto these last few summery weekends.

Third: Caca Rouge henna from Lush. My bestie Cara generously came over for brunch and to help me dye my hair. I’m giving it a full month to settle down a little before the wedding because this shit? This shit is FIERCE. It came out wonderfully. I should do a post on how and why I dye my hair with henna.

Bottom: I made homemade rolls to go with a brunch of fried eggs and beef bacon.

We had an awesomely fun and productive weekend.


Top: A thistle I photographed at a casino just outside of Pittsburgh on our way home from the mountains.

Middle: Ruby, sleeping. She was exhausted and dehydrated Sunday afternoon when we returned from the mountains. She slept until 6:45 the next morning. Tired dogs are good dogs.

Bottom: As a small thank you to my Colombian, Queens-born, rap-loving fiancé for letting me drag him to a Bluegrass Festival in wild and wonderful West Virginia, I made some heart-shaped mini funnel cakes as a surprise on Sunday evening. He loved them.


Top: On Sunday I whipped up some of my World Famous Guacamole (also known as The Best Guacamole in the History of Ever). The avocados from the Spanish grocery are perfect right now.

Middle: Ruby, smiling. She’s slept in the last couple mornings because we’ve been wearing her out with squeaky tennis balls.

Bottom: The living room, now. We actually have a fun piece coming on Friday that’ll switch up that sea of gray.


Top Two: Last weekend I picked up an elk antler for Ruby to chew on because the regular $15 rawhide bones were messing with her digestive system, leaving gross white spit trails on the carpet, made her super thirsty at night, & didn’t last more than a week. The antlers have marrow inside that she can smell (but we can’t unless you get super close), can last up to a month, are quiet, are not very messy, don’t give her farts, don’t splinter, and, best of all, are nutritious for her!

Bottom Two: My friend Cara convinced me to buy a set of heart-shaped pancake/egg rings. They’re super cute. Even if your fiancé doesn’t notice his eggs were heart-shaped until he’s doing dishes after breakfast, haha.


Top: This weekend I went to look for a wedding dress with my sister B. We narrowed it down to two contenders, and made an appointment for Monday to make the final selection with my mom and my little sister there. Wish my oldest sister could have been there, too!

We ended up picking a completely different dress, that I absolutely love. It’s just gorgeous. I’m so excited! Now we’re shopping for a bird cage veil or just some ivory flowers for my hair.

Middle: Andrés & I went to a birthday BBQ on Saturday after I got back from the first dress appointment. We picked up some fried chicken and biscuits at Popeyes (their biscuits are THE BEST – I’m thinking about quitting my job and working there just to get the recipe) on the way.  We had some leftover biscuits that we ate with some leftover smoked salmon (also from the BBQ) and eggs. I think it was the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had.

Bottom: On Sunday, I got a hankering for some coconut cake. I left the recipe at home and forgot to get the cream of coconut and the coconut milk, but I did get a bottle of coconut extract (which the recipe did not call for). I just loaded up the cake batter and the frosting with a bunch of that & it turned out okay. I definitely still want to the try the more coconut saturated recipe, though. We had some limes so I grated some zest over the cake on a whim. It felt fancy and added a little zing.