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Turn of the Century Lighting

This is the current lighting in our dining room over the table:

A dated brass chandelier that’s no longer missing a bulb but is still a dated, brassy eyesore.

We might spray paint it, & add a drum pendant shade for a modern update – like this.

But these are some other, more interesting options we’re considering…

white drum pendant.

Classic, clean lines. Also safe. I think we might want something a little more daring, but this might be the one we choose after we paint & add curtains.

A rectangular pillar candle chandelier.

This one is electric, so there’s no fire hazard but it’s also kind of pricey. I was considering a DIY option like this one by Frugal Home Ideas, but I want one that turns on with the flip of a switch, not something I would have to light myself & wiring something like this ourselves is definitely above our electrical expertise.

16 jar pendant.

I love this, but it might be a little too rustic for our space. It’s definitely a statement piece but it might be making the wrong statement for our dining room.

3 ORGEL pendant lamps hung in a line.

This was Andrés’ awesome idea. Our only issue is that these pendant shades from Ikea only come in a “natural” color, not a crisp white. I love the repetition & the texture of the shades.

Now, for my favorite…

The Pottery Barn Edison Chandelier.

This chandelier is amazing. It looks like something from the turn of the century, straight out of Tesla’s lab. It’s a show stealer, which is what I love about it. I’m not completely convinced that we could make it work with our other plans for the dining room, but right now I’m crossing my fingers.

I think it might look great with this glass pendant nearby in the kitchen in front of the pantry:


A Smattering of Pillows

The living room of our prospective townhouse is huge. We’ll have enough room for the gigantic gray sectional that I’ve always wanted.

I’m thinking the KARLSTAD corner sofa from Ikea with the add-on chaise lounge will be big enough for us. We’re also thinking about a couple of the KARLSTAD chairs & a footstool.

I want a smattering of pillows across the couch that we can switch out easily to change the feel of the room. Like these aubergine pillows from Z Gallerie (that totally match the blog colors right now):

And these silver pillows would look really posh sprinkled in, especially around New Year’s:

We can’t wait settle into a bigger home. Our home.


Quick n’ Dirty Wall Art

These easy, cheap DIY wall art ideas are inspiring me. I’d love to make our initials out of buttons.

I’d form the letters in a serif font, so they feel more refined & elegant, & less kindergarten art.

I think a huge ampersand (&) out of washers would look pretty awesome, too.

Credit: “C“; “A“; “E“; “P“.

Good Morning, Wood

Andrés & I are planning to make a charcoal headboard, but lately I’ve been inspired by the use of reclaimed wood. While I don’t think we’re going to deviate from the plan on this one,  it’s definitely something I’l like to keep in the back of my mind.

This one is my favorite. I love the gray walls, the gold accents, the soft white. This would be pretty easy to recreate, too.

The chandelier & the embroidered pillows tie this charming county-chic room together.

I love this idea for a boy’s room. Katie from Bower Power built a similar pallet wood accent wall for her son’s nursery that is stunning.

What a statement this headboard makes! I’m not sure what the statement is, but I know there is one. Maybe a dinosaur RAAAAAAWR? This is a possibility.