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Sixth Printing, 1973



text with mom

I tracked down the exact same cookbook my mother’s mom gave her in 1974 on Ebay for $11. The same edition, and everything. It’s even worn, just like hers. I made apple crumb pie (the best apple crumb pie) from it a few weeks ago. I feel closer to my mom when I use her recipes. I feel like I can cook for my family. I can crank out fabulously flaky homemade crusts. I can learn to cook from scratch. Having this cookbook makes me feel like I can be a wife and mom like she is.


Made in England

nailhead trim chairs


dresser detailsWe had some major Craigslist scores lately! We picked up the Ikea Lillesand bed frame for $80 to put in our updated guest room. (Right now it has my old furniture from high school in there, and it’s not the right scale or style for the room.) We scored the nailhead trim chairs for $125 for the pair, and later found out they retail for $600+ for the pair. They’ll go at the future desk we’re going to build. Lastly, for my birthday, two of my sisters and my parents chipped in time/money to get me the John Widdicomb chest that is charmingly distressed for $225. Similar, unpainted chests go for $900. We are utterly in love, and hope to keep this piece in our family. Super excited to continue updating the house.

Succulent Terrarium



succulent terrariumI made a succulent terrarium for our kitchen. I’m hoping I can keep it alive because I have a black thumb when it comes to succulents. Apparently they thrive on neglect, and I over watered them. I also never re-potted them in cactus soil and provided drainage, so maybe that had something to do with it?

I followed this succulent terrarium tutorial from Floral Verde from this pin on Pinterest.  My friend donated her glass bowl and I got to work. I made sure the roots would reach the pebbles so the excess water can drain, and I added the activated charcoal to make sure it won’t start stinking. I watered it with one shot glass of water this week, and I’ve left it alone. I hope I can keep them alive!

With All My Heart, Always

packing slip

phone case

chicken and dumplingsAndrés got me a monogramed V phone case for Valentine’s day (which I heavily hinted at, haha). But to be honest? The packing slip made me cry. Then I got embarrassed that I was being overly emotional over a packing slip so I tried to put a cardboard box on my head to hide it. It wasn’t my best moment.

Andrés makes me feel loved constantly. When he makes me eggs, when he drives me around, when he indulges my Craigslist whims, when he takes Ruby out late at night. But he doesn’t often say things like those two messages (the second accompanied two dozen roses delivered to my office). So to receive both, in the same week? I feel like the luckiest girl. We all have different love languages that we speak, and words of affirmation is one of mine. And boy, is he speaking directly to my heart.

Sunday Family Dinner

family dinner

turkey dinner

We recently hosted a family dinner with my family and Andrés’ mom. We served a 10 lb. turkey roulade with homemade gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, seasoned black beans, my dad’s famous Caesar salad, Tuscan garlic bread, and rosemary olive oil bread. We had rum cake and apple crumb pie for dessert. It was the best dinner we’ve hosted yet, and we might replicate for Christmas dinner this year.