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Telling Their Bawdy Stories & Singing Harrowing Songs

While we were in Colombia, I read two thrilling books. I don’t read that many books anymore, since I read a lot of crap on the internet. So reading two whole books in two weeks was kind of a big deal for me.

The first book I read was The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, which was described as “a Coen Brothers film in novel form.” Honestly, I have no idea who the Coen brothers are, but I also heard it was page-turning spooky thriller. Those are the qualities I look for in a book.

It was really good, & a fast read. I loved how it was written for the time, & couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. It’s about two infamous brothers, Charlie & Eli Sisters, who are hired assassins sent on a job. They come to terms with their past, with their relationship as brothers, & with the work they’re doing. My favorite line was at the beginning of Chapter 5, “Two grisly riders before the fire telling their bawdy stories & singing harrowing songs of death & lace.”

The second book I read was The Postmortal by Drew Magary. I read this laugh-out-loud-funny article by Drew at the beginning of February & I had to get my hands on more of his writing. When I saw he wrote a book, I saved it to my Amazon Kindle wish list immediately.

This book was incredible. It’s based in the future after the cure of aging has been discovered, & tells the story from one man’s blog entries as the world becomes overcrowded & scarcity leads to utter chaos. He put exceptional forethought into the psychological & sociological consequences of immortality. The imagery is vividly astounding, & because some of the book takes place in the Northern Virginia/DC area, the story was unfolding in our backyard. This book got under my skin – in a creepy fantastic way.


Sisters, Sisters

My three beautiful sisters & I were in the same country, & the same state, & the same city for the most of the month of July. This was a tremendous blessing.

This happens only about once a year, so it’s a very special time for my family.

If you look closely, you can see our matching love knot rings.

While my oldest sister was visiting from the UK, & my youngest was home from field training & on break from college, & my older sister & I cleared our schedules, we decided to get matching “sisters” tattoos.

top: oldest & older
bottom: me & younger

It says “сестры” which means “sisters” in Russian. In cursive cyrillic, the “t” looks like an “m”. My three sisters & I are completely different people, so it was amazing that when I was inspired by these sister’s tattoos, & I pitched the idea for ours, they all agreed. To honor our individuality, we went with different designs & locations.

My sisters added five birds to represent each of the children in our family, including our sister Rachel, who was stillborn at 9 months in October of 1982.  My birds will be added coming up from the first “c” up towards my left shoulder in a few weeks, & I’ll have my serif letters touched up a bit once I see how they heal.


When I posted the other day about finding beauty in tattooed brides, I phrased it as the “juxtaposition of opposites”. Candy called me on that saying that was a negative connotation, which made me think (in a good way!). I guess what I meant is, lately I’m more aware of myself finding beauty in things that a lot of society does not appreciate. Heavily tattooed brides (or just tattooed women) often get labeled as trashy or rough, but those brides were simply gorgeous — not in spite of their tattoos, but because of their tattoos. Because they were confident & not trying to hide those parts of themselves. I admire that.

Body modifications don’t change one’s character. When my mother found out about my septum piercing, she said “I didn’t think you were that kind of person” which … stung. I told her I was the same person, I was still her daughter, & that the piercing was over a year old (I keep it flipped up most of the time). We haven’t talked about it since, & that was a couple years ago.  A lot of people without modifications judge those with to be so different from themselves; like the modded are all heathen criminals & the two groups couldn’t possibly have anything in common.

So when I came across a lot of photos of heavily tattooed parents & families, I thought I’d share them here. This is family.