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Dressed a Little Bit Weird?

I love Josie Long! This stand up bit about fancy dress is my favorite. Happy Halloween!


Ruby and the Puppies

I emailed my sisters and my mom this link to a live feed of a pit bull mama and her six baby boys. My little sister and I were texting about it last night when I thought about showing Ruby. The mama looks a little like Ruby, and so does one of her boys. I put my laptop on the floor with the sound on so Ruby could watch.

Almost makes me wish we didn’t have to have her spayed. Almost.

YouTube link for the Vimeo challenged:

Double Jab, Right Upper Cut, Left Hook, Right Hand

Eric Kelly, four-time U.S. amateur boxing champion, quit competitive boxing after taking a pool cue to the eye. Now he’s taken up a second career teaching out-of-shape Wall Streeters how to fight.

Or, as he puts it, “training a bunch of fuckin’ nerds.”

Despite the hilarious verbal abuse, the nerds keep paying him to tell them how pathetic their uppercuts are.